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The workshop will be held in the McCance Building at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

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There will be 2 main sessions per day, with each presentation lasting 20 mins (including questions and discussion). In addition there will be workshops in the morning, up to two keynote talks per day, and 2 public talks planned for the evenings. Lunch will be provided, with coffee available throughout the day.

Timetable: Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4      

Invited evening public talks by:

Evening talks are open to the general public. To book a place contact Corporate Events at or 0141 548 2245, indicating which event you will attend.

Keynote speakers:



There will be three main themes, each divided into several sub-themes:

  • Modelling and Simulation
                - Orbital and Attitude Dynamics Modelling

               - Long Term Orbit and Attitude Evolution

                - Particle Cloud Modelling and Simulation

                - Collision and Impact Modelling and Simulation

                - Re-entry Modelling and Simulation

                - Asteroid Origins and Characterisation

  • Orbit and Attitude Estimation and Prediction
                - Orbit and Attitude Determination

                - Impact Prediction and Risk Analysis

  • Active Removal/Deflection of Uncooperative Targets
                - Mission Analysis

                - Proximity Operations

                - Active Removal/Deflection Control Under Uncertainty

                - Active Removal/Deflection Technologies

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