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Tuesday 6th, 2014

KN - Prof. Daniel J. Scheeres, University of Colorado,
"The Mechanics of Asteroids: Implications for Exploration and Mitigation "

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RT - Ettore Perozzi, DEIMOS Space, Spain
"Selecting Neo Targets for Space Missions end Ground Based Observations: The Importance of Newly Discovered Objects", E. Perozzi, F. Bernardi, E. Foschi, G. Drolshagen, D. Koschny, G.B. Valsecchi.

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ESR - Clemens Rumpf, University of Southampton, UK
"Asteroid trajectory propagator for deflection mission design "

 11.20-11.40 ESR - Davide Amato, UPM, Spain
"Mitigation of trajectory propagation error in spacecraft fly-bys"
 11.40-12.00 ESR - Georgios Tsirvoulis , AOB, Serbia
"Contribution of the Watsonia family to the Near Earth Asteroids population"

RT - Maocai Wang , University of Strathclyde, UK
"Trajectory optimal design for asteroids exploration based on mixed coding "

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KN - Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Schaub, University of Colorado, USA
"Electrostatic GEO Space Debris Mitigation "

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RT - Daniel Casanova , University of Namur, Belgium
"Long Term Orbit Evolution of Space Debris Under the J2 Effect and Solar Radiation Pressure in Terms of the Area-To-Mass Ratio", Daniel Casanova , Anne Lemaitre .

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RT - Channumsin Sittiporn , University of Glasgow, UK
"A Deformation Model of Flexible, High Area-To-Mass Ratio Debris Under Perturbations", Channumsin Sittiporn ,  Matteo Ceriotti, Gianmarco Radice.

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VT - Raul Dominguez, DEIMOS Space, Spain
"Selection of targets for Active Debris Removal based on the impact on the environment", Raul Domınguez-Gonzalez, Noelia Sanchez-Ortiz.

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16.40-17.00ESR - Stefano Maro , UniPi, Italy
"Orbit determination and first integrals"
17.00-17.20ER - Massimo Vetrisano, University of Strathclyde, UK
"End-of-life disposal concepts for libration point and highly elliptical orbit missions: uncertainty analysis", Massimo Vetrisano, Camilla Colombo, Massimiliano Vasile
17.20-17.50VRT - Russell Boyce and Melrose Brown, UNSW Camberra, Australia
"UNSW Camberra Space Situational Awareness - Capabilities and Future Direction"



PUBLIC TALK - Dr. Ettore Perozzi, DEIMOS Space SLU, Spain

"AVOIDING THE FATE OF THE DINOSAURS - the asteroid hazard after Chelyabinsk: new solutions for an old problem" 

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