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Call for Contributions

Given the global nature of the asteroid and debris threat, we believe that it is vital to share knowledge as well as existing and future initiatives with researchers, scientists, institutions and countries worldwide. The main goal of this workshop is to join specialists in the area and promote discussions on challenging aspects such as:

 - Modelling and Simulation

The prediction of the damage, the future evolution of the orbit of debris and asteroids and their response to a deflection/removal attempt require modelling of the dynamics and dynamic environment, the long term simulation, the modelling and simulation of the possible damage including re-entry and impact on ground. Works on these aspects are encourged.

 - Orbit and Attitude Estimation and Prediction

After a removal/deflection action is applied, the dynamic state of the asteroid/piece of debris needs to be estimated with an appropriate set of observations and measurements. From the state estimation, one can predict the residual damage. Works on methods and technologies for orbit determination and impact risk prediction are encouraged.

 - Active Removal/Deflection of Uncooperative Targets

Deflection/removal of asteroids and space debris require specific technologies, definition and analysis of specific mission scenarios and control of the removal/deflection action. Works on the analysis and development of technologies and techniques for active removal of space debris and asteroids are encourged.

Contributions will be accepted based on the quality of the extended abstract (2 pages), the originality of the work and/or ideas.

The workshop can be followed through internet media as well. When you submit the extended abstract and the intention to participate please specify your preferred way of attending.

The working language for the conference is English.

This Global Virtual Workshop will be associated to a special issue of Advances in Space Research.  


extended to 15 March 2014: Deadline for extended abstracts submission 
extended to 31 March 2014 : Authors notifications
6-9 May 2014: Global Virtual Whorkshop 
15 September 2014: Deadline for the submission of a full paper to Advances in Space Research

The registration is FREE. Everyone who is interested in participating to the event is kindly invited to contact as soon as possible the organisers at, to discuss about possible contributions and internet media to use.

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