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Prof Alessandra Celletti

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Alessandra Celletti is full professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of Roma Tor Vergata. She obtained her PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zuerich, under the direction of Jurgen Moser and Joerg Waldvogel. She has been invited speaker at several international conferences among which the "6th European Congress of Mathematics". Since 2001 she is President of the "Italian Society of Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics" and since 2010 she is member of the "Celestial Mechanics Institute". 
Her main fields of interest are Celestial Mechanics, KAM theory, dissipative systems, chaos theory. She is author of more than one hundred articles, 6 books and several popular papers. 
The asteroid 2005 DJ1 (117539) bears her name.


"From regular to chaotic motions in Dynamical Systems with applications to asteroid and debris dynamics"
Resonances, chaos and regular motions shape the dynamics of the objects of the solar system. The main belt asteroid is populated by thousands small bodies on regular trajectories, but close-encounters with the nearby planets can provoke the occurrence of mean motion resonances as well as chaotic orbits. 
In a similar way, space debris are subject to regular, chaotic and resonant dynamics (compare the latter with the geostationary and GPS regions). 
After introducing the appropriate models to describe the dynamics of NEO and space debris, I will specify the notions of chaos, resonances and regular motions. A reference to the main mathematical methods to detect and study such dynamics will be covered.

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