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Dr Giovanni Gronchi

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Giovanni Federico Gronchi is Assistant Professor in Mathematical Physics at the Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa. His research is on Solar system body dynamics, perturbation theory, orbit determination, singularities and periodic orbits of the N-body problem. 
He is author of several papers, published in international peer-reviewed journals, and is co-author, with Andrea Milani, of a monograph on orbit determination.  He is also member of Divisions 7 and 20 of the International Astronomical Union.

Orbit determination methods
The methods by Laplace and by Gauss for the computation of preliminary orbits and the least squares method introduced by Gauss for the orbit improvement will be reviewed. Charlier's theory, giving a geometric interpretation of the occurence of alternative solutions in preliminary orbit determination with the method by Laplace, assuming geocentric observations, will be explained. Then a recent generalization of this theory, with topocentric observations, will be shown, allowing attendees to extend the theory to observations made from satellites of the Earth.

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