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Mini-symposium on “Re-entry Analysis and Design for Demise”

The mini-symposium on “Re-entry Analysis and Design for Demise” organised within the framework of the Stardust Final Conference on Asteroids and Space Debris, which will be held at ESA-ESTEC (The Netherlands), 31st October – 3rd November, 2016.


Most re-entering spacecraft or rocket parts do not totally demise during the atmospheric re-entry phase. Fragments of these re-entry objects may survive and reach the ground where they pose a risk to the population. Different and diverse re-entry analysis approaches and tools have been developed by agencies, industries and research centres to simulate the evolution of these objects, predict their survivability, and assess the associated on-ground risk. To limit the on-ground risk for future missions, space agencies are currently enforcing constraints on the casualty risk for the re-entry event, whose fulfilment should be demonstrated for each mission. In this respect, design for demise, intended as the set of design approaches and methods used during the design of spacecraft to increase the probability of complete demise during re-entry, may offer a cheap, simple and effective way to meet NASA’s and ESA’s re-entry requirements for low earth orbit missions.

This mini-symposium will provide a chance to share recent progresses and results in the field of re-entry modelling and simulation for human-made space objects and design for demise for future satellites, to meet up with other researchers in the related field and to exchange ideas on the topics in a fruitful discussion.

Aims & Topics

The mini-symposium is aimed at collecting and disseminating contributions and new ideas in the area of re-entry modelling and simulation for human-made space objects and design for demise for future satellites.

Authors are invited to submit papers on one or more of the following topics:

·         Re-entry survivability analysis

·         CFD/DSMC applications for aerothermal analysis

·         High and low fidelity modelling for aerothermo-structural analysis

·         Re-entry analysis under uncertainties

·         Impact risk analysis

·         Design for demise

·         On-ground casualty risk reduction via design for demise

·         Multidisciplinary design optimisation for demise

·         Uncertainty based MDO for demise

Keynote speaker:
Dr Carmen Pardini, Italian National Research Council, Italy
Title: Reentry Predictions of Potentially Dangerous Uncontrolled Satellites: Challenges and Civil Protection Applications

Important dates:

·         5th September 2016 (it was 31st July 2016):                       Extended Abstract submissions

·         31st Oct – 4th Nov 2016:       The Final Stardust Conference

·         3rd November 2016:             Mini-symposium on Re-entry Analysis and D4D

*Please note: Accepted papers will be included in a book of proceedings to be published after the conference.*


·        All conference attendees must register and pay the corresponding registration fee.

·        For each accepted paper at least one registration as presenting author is required.

·        The presenting author must register to ensure the inclusion of the paper in the Proceedings.

·        Details on the registration, including costs and deadlines, will be available soon.

Info and Contacts:

The organiser of the mini-symposium can be reached at:


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