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31st October- 4th November 2016 held at ESA-ESTEC in the Netherlands


Title of the Symposium:
Space Robotics for Asteroid Exploration and Debris Mitigation/Remediation.
2nd November 2016 from 10am to 3pm

The symposium will cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to
  •  In orbit robotic path planning and control
  •  Operational modes of robots in microgravity
  •  Methods and hardware for robotic capture of non-cooperative targets
  •  Computer vision for pose estimation and inspection
  •  Interaction of the robotic control with the GNC of the spacecraft
  •  Hardware-in-the-Loop facilities for testing space robotics
  •  Design of distributed hardware and software for heterogeneous robotic systems, robot operating systems, reconfigurable robot  teams
  •  Tele-operation, tele-presence and latency handling in space robotics
  •  Artificial intelligence, learning, and autonomy concepts for space robotics

Keynote talk:

Gianfranco Visentin (ESA) “Robotics for proximity and contact operations in negligible gravity: a system perspective.”


  •  All conference attendees must register and pay the corresponding registration fee.
  •  Deadline for paper submissions 31st July 2016
  •  For each accepted paper at least one registration as presenting author is required.
  •  The presenting author must register to ensure the inclusion of the paper in the Proceedings.

Accepted papers will be included in a book of proceedings to be published after the conference.

Virtual attendance:

Given the global nature of the asteroid and debris threat, institutions outside Europe can join in virtually through internet media.
Please contact the organizers regarding the availability and functionality of this arrangement.

The organizers of the final conference:
Massimiliano Vasile, Edmondo Minisci, Peter McGinty (University of Strathclyde)
Leopold Summerer (ESA-ESTEC)

The organizers of the symposium:
Veit Briken, Daniel Hennes, José de Gea Fernández(DFKI GmbH) 

Stardust – The Asteroid & Space Debris Training Network

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