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Keynote Talks

Prof Catalin Gales, "Al. I. Cuza" University of Iași, Romania
Title: "Dynamics of resonances in the space debris problem"

Prof Andrea Milani, University of Pisa, Italy
Title: "Chaotic Orbit Determination and shadowing lemma"

Dr Carmen Pardini, Italian National Research Council, Italy
Title: "Reentry Predictions of Potentially Dangerous Uncontrolled Satellites: Challenges and Civil Protection Applications"

Dr Andrew Ratcliffe, Airbus Defence and Space, UK
Title: "Designing for the Future Space Environment: A Review of Space Debris Related Activities at Airbus Defence and Space"

Prof Hans Rickman, Uppsala University, Sweden - PAS Space Research Center, Poland
Title: "Monte Carlo methods to calculate impact probabilities"

Prof Dr Thomas Schildknecht,  Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern, Switzerland
Title: "Challenges Related to Discovery, Follow-Up, and Characterization of Space Debris"

Mr Gianfranco Visentin, European Space Agency, Netherlands
Title:"Robotics for proximity and contact operations in negligible gravity: a system perspective"

Prof Hiroshi Yamakawa, Kyoto University, Japan
Title: "Recent Advances in Asteroid Manipulation Technologies"

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