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Dr Alessandro Rossi

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Alessandro Rossi is working in the field of astrodynamics and space debris since the early 90's. Alessndro Rossi is an expert in the modeling of the long term evolution of space debris and mitigation strategies, impact risk assessment, optical observation and orbit determination of space objects. Alessandro Rossi developed the first European models for the long term evolution of the space debris population since the early 90s. He is one of the developers of the long term evolution model SDM. Author of more than 50 papers on international Journal with referees and more than 60 papers in conference proceedings. Since 1999 is a member of the Inter Agency Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) and from 2004 to 2006 served as Chairman of IADC Working Group 2 on modelling. The asteroid 1990 RV2 was renamed (5185) Alerossi in recognition of his contributions in asteroids and debris studies.


Relevant publications:

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