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Earth About Us

What is Stardust?

Asteroids and space debris represent a significant hazard for space and terrestrial assets; at the same time asteroids represent also an opportunity. 

Earth Research

At the Edge of Tomorrow

The desirable life cycle for both asteroids and space debris demonstrates that a number of underpinning technologies needs to be developed to mitigate the risk posed by both types of objects.

Earth Training

For our Future

Industry would need to work in close collaboration with academia and, given the global threat represented by both asteroids and space debris, also with decision makers in agencies and governments.

Earth Outreach

Facilitating Engagement

Stardust is a non-profit European Commission funded project whose main aims are education, training and research. As such it is important to us that we engage with people everywhere we can.
As part of our Outreach activities we will be presenting workshops and exhibitions to the public in various locations.

newspaper News & Events

Space Situational Awareness 2014
SSA 2014 takes place in London next month. (4th November, London).Read more...

Coffee House Lectures
Stardust's Prof Massimiliano Vasile will be delivering a lecture on Asteroids: threat or opportunity?Read more...

Moriba Jah Presentation
Moriba Jah will be coming to Strathclyde University on the morning of Nov 03rd to speak about Space Situational Awareness.Read more...