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    Stardust Final Conference

    The final Stardust conference will kick off at ESA's ESTEC in Leiden in The Netherlands on Monday 31st October. This will mark the culmination of the training and research programme'specification activities from the past four years. 

    The conference will hear from experts in their fields on a range of disciplines related to the tracking, observation and mitigation of asteroids and space debris. The venue is fitting of the importance of the research to the future of space activity and indeed ESA was one of the Stardust Network partners.  

    The Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious-funded project 'Space for Art' will be exhibited at the event with beautiful artwork by Cal Lomax and stunning astrophotography by Dr Leon Gurevitch. 

     Additionally there will be a public event to be held in Leiden Centre in Scheltema on Wednesday night at 19h that is free to all. The key speakers at his will be Sundance Award recipient Cath Le Couteur and audio specialist and BAFTA winner Nick Ryan who are the leads on Project Adrift. Adrift is a project that combines art and science to explore the mysteries and contradictions of space junk, the beautiful, but potentially destructive revolving museum of the history of space exploration. Created by Cath Le Couteur and Nick Ryan, the project, comprises a short documentary film, a specially crafted mechanical sound instrument and interactive elements which will enables audiences to adopt an individual piece of junk and communicate with it via Twitter as it orbits Earth. Cath and Nick will join the Stardust Conference to introduce Adrift in advance of the project launching in the UK later this month.

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