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My name is Natalia Ortiz. I am a PhD student from Spain doing my research at Southampton University on active debris removal techniques. I studied aeronautical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and specialised in space. 

I worked for two years at GMV in the mission analysis department and later I moved to the Netherlands to work at the Concurrent Design Facility (European Space Agency) within the Spanish Trainee Programme for another two years. 

Recently, I decided to focus my career on space debris mitigation techniques and I started a PhD at Southampton University within the Stardust Network. The space debris population is rising at a very quick pace and it is recognised as a major risk to space missions. Within the Stardust Programme I hope I will be able to make valuable contributions that will help to mitigate the problem.


Project description:

My research involves the development of new approaches for removal/deflection technologies based on adaptive structural deployments, micro propulsion and advanced control technologies. Currently, my research is focused on the analysis of the tumbling of space debris, analysing the effect of external perturbations and dissipative effects in order to predict the attitude motion of non-cooperative targets. Furthermore, I am researching the de-tumbling technologies for active debris removal inducing eddy currents on the target.

Supervisor: Dr. Scott J. I. Walker

Natalia's Work

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