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Ioannis Gkolias
was born in 1985 in Katerini, Greece. He studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in the Physics Department, from which he graduated in 2010. He continued his studies at Aristotle University and was awarded, with honors, the MSc in Computational Physics in 2013. During his undergraduate studies, he spend 5 months as an Erasmus scholar in the Observatory of Vienna, hosted by the Astro-Dynamics and Extrasolar Planetary Systems Group. His research interests include complexity and chaos, Hamiltonian systems and celestial mechanics. Throughout his studies he participated in many conferences and summer schools and he is the coauthor of two original scientific papers. Currently, Ioannis is an Early Stage Researcher for the Stardust Marie-Curie ITN. His work focuses on the advanced modeling of attitude dynamics of asteroids and space debris.

Project description:

An overall and complete description of the dynamics of Near Earth Objects(NEOs) and Space Debris requires not only the study of their orbital motion but also the understanding of their rotational state. The main objective of this research project is the advanced modeling of asteroids and space debris attitude dynamics. State of the art analytical and numerical techniques will be used to precisely model the rotational motion of celestial bodies, taking into account also dissipative effects. The interaction between rotational and orbital motions will also be explored and their long term evolution will be investigated.

Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Celletti

Ioannis's Work

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