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Fabien Gachet is a Marie Curie fellow and Early Stage Researcher in the frame of the Stardust Initial Training Network at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", where he is also a PhD student. His current work involves modelling the orbital and attitude dynamics of Near Earth Asteroids and space debris. He has previously worked for more than a year at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes, as an Attitude and Orbit Control engineer, being in charge among other things to design new strategies of control using plama propulsion. Fabien graduated with a M.Sc. from the ISAE (Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace) in Toulouse, where he received an extensive education in Aerospace Engineering. During his studies, he spent one year abroad at the University of Maryland to specialize in Space Systems, and then spent six months at the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder investigating new orbit determination methods used to calculate the orbits of China’s newly launched Beidou navigation satellites. His interests range from Celestial Mechanics, and Dynamical Systems to Space Mission Design and Trajectory Optimization.

Project description:

The goal of the project is to study the orbital dynamics and attitude dynamics of Near Earth Asteroids and space debris. The major objectives being to model the n-body problem including non-gravitational and dissipative effects, then study the interaction between the rotational and orbital dynamics, and finally to study the long term propagation of the orbit and attitude dynamics. This will be done by implementing analytical techniques as well as numerical methods.

Supervisor : Prof. Alessandra Celletti

Fabien's Work

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