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Clemens was born in Germany and grew up close to Hanover. During his secondary education he spent one year at a US high school in Cambridge, MA. Clemens spent a second year in the US studying orbital mechanics and space systems engineering at Purdue University. In 2012, Braunschweig Institute of Technology awarded him the degree of Diplom Ingenieur in aerospace engineering. His final thesis addressed the design of a Kalman navigation filter for an autonomous VTOL vehicle at DLR's Institute of Space Systems in Bremen. After his studies, he started an ESA trainee position at ESTEC and worked as a systems engineer on the Lunar Lander mission. As part of the StarDust training network he pursues a PhD at the University of Southampton in the Astronautics Research Group. In his free time, Clemens likes to be active outdoors. He has been flying planes for more than a decade and currently enjoys hiking, kitesurfing and sailing.

Project description:

Clemens’ current research is on asteroid (NEO) deflection. Previously, he has been exposed to the subject while interning at Airbus DS in Bremen where he focused on the GNC aspects of an asteroid deflection mission. As part of StarDust, Clemens will work on mission design:  

Mission design for the deflection of an Earth threatening asteroid (NEO) is an international endeavour because many nations are affected by this natural disaster. The project researches how a deflection mission should be conducted in order to minimize the risk for people and assets on the ground in the affected nations. The high risk asteroid impact region will be assessed and how a deflection mission modifies this region. Ultimately, the project aims to provide guidance for the mission design process such that the process is transparent to the involved parties and the design is robust against failure.

Supervisor: Dr. Hugh G Lewis

Clemens' Work

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