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    Stardust in the Curriculum for Excellence

    Stardust is running a pilot project in association with University of Strathclyde’s MUSE (Models of University-Schools Engagement) programme and the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre to have elements of asteroid research introduced as part of the curriculum in schools. This will be a pilot project in partnership with the Research Council UK, the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement and the Science Learning Network. Initially working with ten schools, they will be looking to extend this pilot to other schools and to include research on space debris.

    As part of our Outreach activities this is in particular a real opportunity to engage students, just as they are getting ready to make their higher education choices. We have the chance to show them the incredible real life applications of the science they are studying. We can show them a diverse and engaged group of researchers working hard to make a difference in the world and enjoying themselves while they do it.

    We hope that this pilot project will engage an entirely new group of potential STEM students and especially inspire a new generation of women scientists.

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