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    Coffee House Lectures

    Coffee House Lecture Series - Thursday 20th November

    Stardust's Prof Massimiliano Vasile will be delivering a lecture this Thursday 20th November on "Asteroids: threat or opportunity?"

    Asteroids are a large group of celestial objects with the most intriguing variety of shapes, orbits, composition, gravity fields. Professor Massimiliano Vasile of Strathclyde’s Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory considers why we are interested in these objects, how we can control their motion and whether they represent a threat or an opportunity.

    This Autumn, University of Strathclyde returns to its roots in the ‘white heat’ of the age of Enlightenment, when the combination of caffeine, gossip and intrigue made the coffee houses of Britain’s towns and cities hotbeds of comment, debate and the exchange of new ideas.

    The founder John Anderson’s vision was of a ‘place of useful learning’ which would bring education to the citizens of the city. This series of informal talks by some of Strathclyde’s leading academics is inspired by Anderson’s legacy, and aims to invoke the spirit of the Enlightenment by inspiring curiosity, discussion and debate.

    The Coffee House Lecture series is presented in partnership with our friends at Tinderbox – all events will take place in their Ingram Street shop.

    All of the events are free to attend, and there’s no need to register in advance. 

    Talks begin at 5.30pm, and will be followed by an open discussion.

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