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    Stardust Possilpark Outreach

    Stardust at Possilpark Gala

    The Stardust team were at Possilpark Gala on Saturday 9th August to talk about asteroids and space debris. The Glasgow Science Festival also sent along a couple of volunteers to do some space themed arts and crafts to complement the Stardust activities.

    The weather managed to take a break from the recent rain and the sun was shining brightly even if the wind was doing its best to disrupt.

    We held our now signature Asteroid-building workshop to great effect 
     and also had an Eggnaut competition where given specific materials a landing pod has to be constructed to protect a raw egg from a fall from a set height. 
    Not to blow our own trumpet, but the Stardust team were the only ones to successfully do so.
    Lucky for us, because otherwise we might have had egg on our faces! 

    The community outreach work we undertake is an excellent opportunity to bring science to local communities and hopefully inspire young minds and imaginations. The relationship we are building with the Glasgow Science Festival is proving to be a very fruitful one and we will be attending further events.
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