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    Glasgow Science Festival

    Glasgow Science Festival

    - “…and what name do you want to give it?”
    There is a moment’s pause while the girl frowns, thinking hard and giving the question some serious consideration. In front of her lies a sketch pad with her artistic rendering of an asteroid – she is evidently a fan of the surrealists…

    -          “The Cool Asteroid.”

    -          “Ah… usually they are given names like Ida or Apophis…”

    -          “Well this one is called The Cool Asteroid!”

    This was one of the many conversations we had over the weekend. The Stardust team from Strathclyde University were hosting a workshop on asteroids in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow as part of the Glasgow Science Festival.

    Over the course of Saturday and Sunday we spoke to nearly three hundred children and their parents about space debris and asteroids. In fact our workshop was one of the best attended. The Stardust posters attracted a lot of attention and when the children came they came with questions… lots of questions.

    We had prepared a small demonstration for a bit of fun and using dry ice, water, dirt, soy sauce and a dash of ammonia we made a small ‘asteroid’, much to the amazement and amusement of the audience gathered around.

    This was an excellent opportunity to talk to people about some of the research Stardust is doing. Our busy weekend is a testament to the interest asteroids and space debris generates for both young and old alike. We will be posting some of the pictures of the event on Twitter and on the website.

    We had a lot of fun and are now looking forward to our next challenge - The Scottish Space School.

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